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Get in on the Fun!!
"Hey, that looks like fun.  I'd like to give that a try myself, but..."  When watching our young stars practice and play the greatest sport on the planet, whether from the stands or from the ice if you've been helping, have you ever wished that you could do that too?  Well now you can!

Our Adult Novice Clinics is just the place to develop or polish your budding skills.  We meet for an hour on Sundays.

We're running it currently as a Beginner - Novice, co-ed drop-in Clinic where we split the time between individual skills and game scenario scrimmages.  Just the thing to get ready for that end-of-season Parent/Player Game or to work your way into our Adult Hockey League or Pickup Games.

Full equipment is not required.  A helmet is mandatory and I recommend shin pads and gloves.

We can let you borrow skates, but you must bring your own stick.  It's a low pressure, fun skate with people you know, where you'll quickly feel improvement and increased comfort on the ice.  Price for each 1-hour session is $25 or save with $160 for 8 sessions.  We meet weekly unless preempted by a special event.

C'mon, get in on it now!  It'll becomes even more fun when you begin to share hockey stories with you kids.  Mom, Dad, Friends are all welcome to Adult Novice Hockey.

Mark your calendar cand check it out starting this week!  If you have any questions, feel free to call me.

See you on the ice!

Coach Pat

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